Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An infants stare

So, I wonder. What is he thinking of when you looks at me. I know all parents have thought about this. There is a calming and eerily naked moment when your newborn gazes at you as if they can see through your facade and deep into who you are. For some it might be a powerful experience and others might just gloss over it, but regardless, there is something special about that "look."

I've had that experience with all three of my kids and lately I have been experiencing this with Andres. He has such a deep stare that I wonder, what are you thinking? What is going on in that little mind of yours? Are you glad that I'm holding you and you feel secure? Or are you wondering, what the hell is that thing? I guess I'll never know, but what I do know, is that I'll miss it when it stops because it does.

There will be a point where the world around him will seem much more interesting and his gaze will go from me to everything else. And at the end of the day that is what we want for our kids, right? To develop and experience the world around; to become independent little beings that need less and less of our help. At least that is what all the experts advise us as parents, but I'll tell you, I love it when my girls come running to me because they want my help or when they get scared of the "ghosts" in their room and want me to tell it to go home. I cherish those moments because I know they are fleeing from me. Sure they will always "need me," but not in this way... this is saved for the infant and toddler years.

Yeah I know, my kids are 3, 2 and one month old, but I already miss them. Might sound crazy, but for those of you that have kids, remember when your kids were newborns and toddlers? Remember when you were the center of their universe? Yeah, that is what I already mourn because time goes go by fast. So what is the point of this post? Besides having the chance to ramble, it's to remind you to stop and enjoy the time you had with your kids and don't be in such a hurry to have then grow up. There is nothing wrong with some interdependence, just as long as you are not stifling their growth. So do yourself and your kids a big favor and give them a big bear hug and a wet kiss. If you have adult children, you might get a funny look and "is everything ok?" Those of you with teens might get the infamous, "Yuk, get off me" and if you are lucky a half-hearted hug back, just as long as their friends are not looking. Those with young kids and toddlers might get a hug back and some giggles. And us that have newborns will get the deep stare that is truthful, naked, yet fleeting.

Ok, enough of that, how about them Dodgers?

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